Leading the Journey to Excellence

Leading the Journey to ExcellenceLeading the Journey to ExcellenceLeading the Journey to Excellence




TalkForward helps organizations create a strong and supportive culture by training managers to exchange the outdated role of "boss" to one of "inspiring leader", so that they can better engage with employees and inspire excellence. 

"I want to bring joy to people's jobs."

   -Bryan G. Stephens, CEO





  • Employees who are supervised by highly engaged Managers are 59% more likely to be engaged than those supervised by actively disengaged Managers
  • Just 29% of Managers in America are highly engaged
  • Only 3 in 10 American employees are engaged
  • There is a 21% greater profitability from engaged business units
  •  The cost of disengagement could be as high as $300 million annually in lost productivity
  •  The world’s best organizations have an employee engagement rate of 7 in 10

How engaged is your workforce?




Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Bryan Stephens, is uniquely qualified to develop your team members to leverage their strengths for improved performance. Bryan has been coaching teams and individuals since 2006 both in and out of his work in community mental health. Bryan is a licensed therapist giving him a strong understanding of developing human potential. As a former CEO and C-Suite executive of over a decade, Bryan understands the demands of leaders and managers in the 21st Century workplace. 

When employees at all levels build on their strengths, their engagement increases. Gallup’s decades of research has shown increased employee engagement results in:

  • Lower Absenteeism
  • Lower Turnover (even in High-Turnover Organizations)
  • Fewer Employee, Quality, and Patient Safety Incidents
  • Higher Customer Metrics
  • Higher Productivity
  • Higher Sales
  • Higher Profitability

Bryan will work with your organization at the level you choose. Let TalkForward help your employees learn their talents and how they can apply them to develop themselves and work towards excellence. Strengths Coaching is about Naming, Aiming, and Claiming one’s talents. 

About our Team


Bryan G. Stephens, CEO


Bryan G. Stephens is an executive on a mission to transform the workplace. He is the founder and CEO of TalkForward, a consulting and training company, utilizing Bryan’s clinical and management expertise to develop managers and teams in a corporate environment. As a licensed therapist with strong understanding of developing human potential, he is dedicated to the development of Human Capital to meet the needs of leaders, managers, and employees in the 21st Century workplace. 

With 15 years of Executive Management, Bryan spent two years as the Interim Chief Executive Officer in a public behavioral health agency, with over 450 employees and a $27 million budget, establishing and executing major goals and objectives and providing leadership, direction, and guidance for Agency activities.

Bryan is an entrepreneur, who has also launched two previous businesses using online technology, in addition to TalkForward.

Bryan is a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, and Certified Managerial Coach. He has been coaching teams and individuals since 2006 both in and out of his work in community mental health

A specialist in clinical supervision, Bryan began training therapists in small and large groups, while Ethics Chair on the Board of the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia in 2012. 

Bryan has an Executive MBA from Kennesaw State University, Coles School of Business, and both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. 

A past member and President of Douglas Kiwanis, Bryan is a past Member of Marietta Kiwanis. He and his family attends worship at the First United Methodist Church of Marietta, where he is active as an Charter Organization Representative for Pack 277 and Troop 277, the same Troop in which he earned the rank of Eagle Scout at age 15, and where his Son is an active Eagle Scout. 

Bryan is married to his college sweetheart, Linda, and has two wonderful teenagers, Gil and Ann Marie. 


What Clients Have Said:


"We love the idea of understanding that our weaknesses don't necessarily hold us back, but we have to use our strengths to compensate and find another way to do things." 

-The Landing Association Team

"Bryan knew his stuff. He used good examples throughout that explained how our differences are strengths that can make our team stronger." Karl Stephens, Chief Administrative Officer/Finance Director, The Landing Association


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